Valley Road Medical Centre

Healthcare services for Davenport and surrounds

Offering a comprehensive range of medical services, procedures and testing

 (03) 6424 7598

37 Valley Road, Davenport, Tasmania 7310

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday: 8:00am 6:00pm

Saturday: Closed

Sunday & Public Holidays: Closed

N.B. This clinic does not offer an after-hour service. For all urgent medical problems, please contact your nearest hospital.

Meet Our Doctors at Valley Road Medical Centre

Dr Catherine BROUN

Dr Thushara HERATH


Dr Tahfima SULTANA

Dr Subhasree DATTA



Where to find Valley Road Medical Centre

Located in Davenport in Northern Tasmania, we are situated at the mouth of the Mersey River.

You’ll find a carpark at the rear of the practice, along with paid parking on the streets surrounding the clinic.

Our centre has 12 consulting rooms and 2 treatment rooms.



We operate an appointment system but do keep some appointments open for urgent consultations. You can make an appointment with your doctor by telephoning the surgery.

Standard consultations are 10 minutes duration. This may change if there has been emergencies or if the surgery is very busy. The doctor is able to address one medical problem per consultation, which allows that problem to be dealt with thoroughly and comprehensively, and to allow miscellaneous related issues to be addressed.

Longer appointments can be made though will incur a private fee.

Home visits are available by prior arrangements with the receptionist and as clinically required after discussion with the treating doctor.

Late Arrivals
It is important that you arrive on time for your appointment, which will give the doctor the best chance of running on time. Patients who arrive late for their appointment may be asked to reschedule on another day. Please be aware that a no-show fee of $30 may apply for late and non-attendance (see below).
If you cannot keep your appointment, we require that you notify the clinic as soon as possible. Your cancellation allows us to reallocate the appointment to another patient. A $30 no-show fee will be charged if notice is not received 24 hours in advance, and future consults privately billed, with pre-payment required.
Home Visits
Home/nursing home visits are offered if you live within 10kms and are too sick to come to the practice. Doctors and nursing staff determine the urgency of these visits.
You will be informed if fees apply.
Third Party Consent
Please advise your doctor or the reception staff if a third party is required to be present during your consultation. There may be times when we have a medical student present at your appointment, but patients will be advised in advance of this.
Contacting your Doctor
The Doctor will address EMERGENCY phone calls only during normal consulting hours. If you wish to discuss a non-urgent issue with the doctor, please make an appointment. This will allow the matter to be properly addressed.

If urgent, please give reception staff a clear, concise explanation of the nature of the emergency. This information will be passed on to the doctor. Alternatively, contact the nearest hospital or call 000 if life threatening.

Our patients will be given the option of being contacted by electronic means via email, however this is not our preferred method of communication.

Your Doctor will generally advise the follow-up plan at the time of ordering the tests. Results of these tests will not be given over the phone, unless otherwise specified. Staff will notify patients of any results that require follow-up, and schedule an appointment for these to be discussed with the doctor. You are encouraged to follow-up and discuss any test you have had, to ensure that you understand the result, and any further action required. You are also welcome to ask for copies of your results.
Recall and Reminder Systems
This practice routinely uses a recall and reminder system to assist you in keeping track of important health matters. This system provides timely reminders of when follow up consultations are required for such issues as immunisations, blood tests, care plans or reviews, health assessments and pap smears.
Patient Feedback

As part of our quality assurance and accreditation we will invite you to participate in a survey requesting your views of the practice. All surveys are confidential and assist us in improving our service delivery.

However, please do not wait for a survey to be distributed before you voice your concerns or suggestions. Suggestions or complaints may be placed in the ‘suggestion box’ in the waiting area or discussed with the practice manager. All communications are completely confidential. We will make every effort to respond quickly to your suggestion.

Alternatively you can raise any concerns with the Health Care Complaints Commission by contacting them on
Level 12, 323 Castlereagh Street, Sydney
Tel: (02) 9219 7444

Patient Rights
Patients have the right, and are encouraged, to participate in decisions about their health care.
There is a pathology collecting company onsite. If you prefer to have your pathology needs by other companies please inform the doctor.
Communication Services
National Relay Service (NRS)

For patients with a hearing/communication impairment

Phone: 133 677

Translating and Interpreting Service (TIS)

For patients who speak languages other than English and require the services of an Interpreter

Phone: 131 450

Engaging with Other Services, Referrals and Scripts

Our practice regularly engages with local health services, such as specialists, allied health and hospitals. If required, your GP will provide sufficient information (referral letter) to plan and facilitate optimal care. It will be necessary to have a consultation with your doctor before a referral can be made.

Scripts will not be given over then phone. You will need to book an appointment with your doctor if you require repeat scripts to ensure you are receiving appropriate care.

Transfer of Medical Notes
If you require a copy of your records to be sent elsewhere our practice sends a summary for free, but may charge up to $40 for preparing records.
Privacy Policy

Your medical record is a confidential document. It is the policy of this practice to maintain security of personal health information at all times and to ensure that this information is only available to authorised members of staff. You will be required to sign a release form should you need your medical records to be transferred. Please ask the receptionist if you would like a copy of our Privacy Policy.

Medical related fees for our clinic

Athough most of our appointments are done through bulk-billing, longer or complex consultations will incur a private fee. Medicals and non-Medicare card holders will need to pay a fee at the time of consultation. Fees are as follows:

  • Standard consultation, bulk-billed: $37.60
  • Standard consultation, private fee: $85
  • Long consultation, private fee: $130
  • Basic medical: $200 + GST

For your convenience we accept EFTPOS or cash payments along with Visa or MasterCard.

Bulk Billing is available for standard consultations (up to 15 minutes):

  • All children up to the age of 16 years
  • All patients with a current Medicare card and a:

– Pensioner card
– Health Care card
– Commonwealth Seniors Health card

Book an appointment at Valley Road Medical Centre 

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